Wikisurfer 001 – A Missing Foot

Hello world!

Welcome to Wikisurfer, a kind of experiment in podcast storytelling. Basically the format is this – two guys – Brandon Fibbs & Kyle Sullivan – will each pick a starting topic on Wikipedia, crack it open, and see what hides inside. Moving purely on curiosity, hopping from hyperlink to hyperlink, they pick the best, weirdest, most wonderful stories possible.

This is our inaugural episode! We found some really interesting stories to pass along. You can listen to the episode here – Wikisurfer 001:

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Welcome to Wikisurfer, a new podcast in the world. We would say more on this curiosity-driven, hyperlink-dependent journey through the ecosystem of Wikipedia and the larger internet…but maybe our little teaser can do the job for us.

Take a listen and look for it wherever you get your podcasts: